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Packaging Directions

Correct packaging = safe shipment!

What you are advised to do:
  • Make sure the size of package is proportional to its content in order to avoid deteriorations.
  • Use special materials to avoid content vibrations and motion.
  • Use tape to seal the shipment.
  • Make sure that the fragile materials are placed in the center of the package and do not come in contact with the sides of the package.
  • Liquid materials must be placed in containers that do not leak and  should be sealed in plastic bag.
  • Remember that bad packaging can destroy any other contents that are included in your shipment.
  • Re-package your gifts. An impressive package is not in any case safe.
  • Wrap all small size contents with paper.
  • Items such as diskettes, cassettes and videocassettes should be wrapped in soft packaging material.
  • Write the recipient's address with legible capital letters and meke sure that all the required information is included.
  • Do not use the same box for a second time, but if you do make sure that the box is not worn out and all the previous labels and stickers have been removed.
What not to do:
  • The labels "Fragile" and "Attention" do not substitute in any case the suitable packing, they serve only for warning purposes.
  • Remember that any shipment is likely to be opened for control by the authorities, therefore do not place an excessive quantity of tape round the package.
  • Do not use cloth sachets or bags.
ACS does assumes no responsibility for the above recommendations. The customer must ensure that the packaging is suitable for the shipment's transportation.
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