Access to the ACS Site is done by codes and provides a range of shipment related information, delivery reports, financial data such as balance sheet and invoice image.

If the user is not registered and logged in to the site as a visitor, he has access to a limited number of information.

By registering the user, and depending on the accesses, he gets access to the corresponding applications.

  • New User Registration

    • In order for the client to obtain username & password for the ACS site he chooses, from the main screen, the Create Account option


  • On the next screen, which also contains registration information, the user

will enter the FIRST NAME, the LAST NAME, the master email address of his or her credit code, and the 4-digit text verification code (if not clearly visible, he may ask for a new password with the green renewal option).


  • The NAME and the LAST NAME fields have nothing to do with the brand name of the credit code. They are just for welcoming.
  • The MIDDLE NAME filed is not mandatory and a dot (.) can be entered.

WARNING: It is very important that the e-mail to be the master email which has been declared in the customer's contract (Member or credit) and is the key to interconnection with pricing and shipments. If it is not declared will soon receive a new contract as described in the Connect section customer code below.

  • Finally the user will choose Create Account.

Instantly, the customer will receive an automatic email message in the master email with the first password that is required to login to our site (it may be necessary to check the spam folder).

To log in, he will register as his username his master email and the first password he will receive.

  • Change password

After the first successful entry you will need to change the password. To do this choose MY ACS – MY PROFILE SETTINGS – CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD

  • Password reminder

If you have forgotten the password you can ask a reminder from the main screen.









The instructions will be sent to the master email.

  • Customer Code Connection

The customer code connection is necessary for more and complete customer information and it is done in the case of customers who have a contract with ACS such as credit customers and or cash customers with Member card.

The user e-mail on the Site must be registered in the master mail that they have signed at the start of the service agreement.

 If the customer does not have a special contract mentioning his master mail, then through the following procedure he will receive a new special "Contract for Electronic Applications" via Courier, which he will have to return to ACS, free of charge, filled in / signed by e-mail.


The customer chooses whether he / she is a member or credit code, he / she registers the TIN number and his credit code with Greek characters eg 2ΑΘ999998 and chooses SEND REQUEST. If he has multiple active billing codes on his TIN, he will enter one of these codes.

After the above step immediately or at the latest in the next 24 hours, the  connection will be completed and the customer will be able to access the complex search queries as well as economic data such as the balance or invoices through the MYACS menu. Upon completion of the connection, the customer will receive confirmation mail from ACS.

If the connection can not be completed within 24 hours, please contact Mrs Toumazatou Fileni