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2013- Launching of simple mail service, for the distribution of bills and postal mails, through ACS' new ABP (Advanced Business Post) service.

2012- ACS engages in major investments in IT solutions / infrastructure and state-of-the art sorting equipment for simple postal mailings.

2011– Installation of a new automated parcel sorting system at the Sorting Center of Athens.

2010- Launching of electronic tablets for entering digital signatures at the ACS shops and commencement of prepaid cards sale (regarding telephone, internet and online shopping).

2009- Launching of the first ACS Xpress Points (points of sale in other stores), gradual renewal of vehicle image and staff uniforms, and commencement of the use of the first mobile PDA (for digital signatures) by the couriers of ACS's shops.

2008- Extension of the Special Projects (for the transport of radiopharmaceuticals, special security documents, etc.), launching of the members program "ACS Member" and of the ACS Combo Express services with special packaging for safe shipping.

2007- Broadening of the provision of Telephony Services, in collaboration with WIND, and launching of an innovative software application for the management of ACS Connect shipments.

2006- The Company launches a nationwide facelift of its stores, which it also interconnects online via the ACS Online platform, expanding as well its range of services by offering electronic money courier services at its shops (in collaboration with MoneyGram), ticketing services, electronic bill payments and Simple Mail.

2005- Opening of a new ACS shop in Sofia, Bulgaria.

2004- ACS engages in extensive restructuring of its Shops Network and starts an upgrading program of its organisation, structures and procedures in order to better serve its Clients.

2003- Commencement of the operation of the Department of Special Projects (for the transport of Blood/ Plasma Samples).

2002- Geographical expansion of ACS's activities, by expanding its Network in Albania and Cyprus.  Parallel commencement of the provision of Telephony Services in collaboration with Q-Telecom.

2000-2001- Gradual development of the Nationwide Network in 300+ service points.

1999- ACS becomes a member of the Info-Quest Information Technology Group.

1992- The Company is re-founded as a limited company by changing its name to ACS - INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT AND FACILITIES S.A. under the trade name ACS S.A.

1985- ACS starts operating in the form of a limited liability company under the same trade name.

1981- The Company is founded under the name ACS AIR COURIER SERVICES INT'L in the form of a "limited-unlimited" partnership.