ACS Courier operates in the Greek market since 1981 and is the leader of the courier service sector respecting document shipping, shipping of parcels and packages in Greece and abroad.  The Company’s main objective is to provide quality services at competitive prices.  ACS has undoubtedly linked its name to Courier service in Greece by offering for over 35 years to businesses and households across the country complete, reliable, affordable and quality services in order to meet their needs for urgent posting.

ACS at present

Having gained the trust and loyalty of its customers, ACS is now the biggest Greek company in the market of courier services, given that:

  • ACS has the largest network in Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria, with more than 350 shops which cover with speed, safety and reliability the communication needs of hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals in 200 countries around the world.
  • ACS offers the most complete organization and expertise in the domestic courier market, and is certified by ISO 9001:2000.
  • ACS has the most complete and modern infrastructure regarding IT equipment and automated systems for sorting, tracking and locating shipments.
  • ACS holds anIndividual Licence and a National General Authorisation for provision of courier services in the Greek market.
  • ACS collaborates with international scope courier networks for shipment conveyance, both in Greece as a representative-contractor and abroad for shipments around the world.
  • ACS is a prominent member of the dynamic business group Info-Quest.

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