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Customer Code Connection

To gain access to the information and to the applications that draw user shipment data from the main system of ACS, you will need to connect your ACS customer code with the web site user data. The ACS Member card holder can connect its card to his web site user data (following his registration) by visiting the page Code Connection and filling the necessary fields under ACS Member Customer. The trade - credit customer will have to apply to ACS for his codes to be automatically connected to the master e-mail of his company. The master e-mail has to be filled in his contract with ACS. 

 In both cases you need to visit the page Code Connection.

In case you are an:

1. Simple user of the old ACS site

In this case enter the username and the password that you hold.

2. ACS Member Client

In this case enter the code of your card (13 digits) and the password that has been sent to you by SMS during your registration as an ACS Member.  In the event that you do not remember the password you can retrieve by visiting the page Password Retrival or by calling ACS’s Customer Care in case that you did not submit your mobile phone or e-mail while filling the fields of your ACS Member Card.

3. ACS Trade - Credit Customer

Apply to ACS in order to initiate the procedure of automatically connect your web site data with your credit account with ACS by filling the data required: