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Useful Documents for International Shipments

The international rules for air transports pecify that specific types of shipments from Greece to other countries should be accompanied by specific documents.

The consumer is responsible for correct and accurate completion of these documents.

For your own convenience, the basic forms which are required in these cases are listed below.  These forms can be printed, completed and delivered to the ACS agent who will receive your shipment.  The forms are as follows:

Proforma Invoice: This specific proforma is applicable only for countries out side the European Union and for non-commercial shipments.

Foodstuff Commercial Invoice: Shipments to the USA with food content, require the completion of this form(foodstuff), with detailed inventory of the contents (for example 1 bottle of oil, 2 chocolates etc.)

Textile Declaration:  Shipments to the USA with textile content, require the completion of the form “Textile Declaration”, on which the sender records the contents and lists in detail the composition of the fabrics or the clothing (for example the cotton content, wool content, etc.)

The forms listed bellow regarding medicines are indicative and apply only when requested for special cases. For shipments with medicine content, a prescription in English is required, which should indicate the name of the medicine, the dosage of the prescribed medicine and the signature and seal of a competent physician.

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Read the terms of this privacy statement